About Us

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Donya Consulting Group was born out of a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the agility to anticipate and capitalize on emerging trends, and a relentless commitment to integrity, excellence, and innovation.

Donya provides innovative technologies and cybersecurity solutions to protect national security and critical infrastructure in mission critical environments.

With decades of success across industry and government, we demand integrity in all our processes and people through active security clearances and certifications. ​We align technology and security solutions to drive, support and ultimately exceed your business goals. Our experience in the international environment, inter-agency and defense industry allows us to deliver this same level of expertise to organizations and businesses of all sizes .

We tackle your cyber and technology challenges giving our customers unparalleled control of their cyber operations and technical operations.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission: To provide innovation, expertise, and solutions to the areas of corporate strategy, international business development, customer acquisition, cyber security, and project management.

Vision: Our vision is to provide an environment where businesses feel secure and supported.

Values: We value integrity, communication, cooperation, and outstanding corporate culture in our business.

Who We Are

Donya Consulting Group LLC is a Service Disabled-Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with 18 years of experience serving the federal government and defense industries, both domestically and internationally.

At Donya Consulting Group we provide a full spectrum of customized expert services for small businesses which include: Management and Strategy Consulting; IT and Engineering Consulting; and Linguistic Services. We implement a holistic approach which is customized to your unique business needs and development. Our goal is to help the inner workings and logistics of your business run smoothly so you can focus on the areas you need the most.


Why Us ?

Donya Consulting Team supports every phase of the business cycle – from strategic planning to tactical implementation and back up operational support. Our team of experienced senior consultants and engineers offer the best minds and technologies in the security industry. Count on us to stay up to date on the newest technology trends, security system requirements, and regulations for government, municipalities, and commercial businesses. We look forward to adding you to our family of satisfied customers!

Team Donya

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, our culture of character and innovation is the driving force behind our success. Our culture defines who we are, how we act, and what we believe is both the right way and our duty in conducting business. Our culture unifies us as a company and strengthens our resolve to meet our customers’ – and our country’s – most critical missions.

Our world-class team of engineers, analysts, and experts apply cutting-edge strategies to better align technology and security solutions which empower our client’s organizations and businesses. Team Donya is constantly evolving through Donya University, where our employees have access to further their technical certifications and develop awareness of IT/engineering and cybersecurity tools.
Ashraf Abusamak

Ashraf Abusamak


A Global Executive MBA graduate from Georgetown University, which has one of the top 12 business school programs in the world. Ashraf has specialized experience in business development, program management, foreign military sales, and Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition

Ashraf offers more than 18 years of experience in the field in addition to his military background, extensive travel, and considerable expertise in other countries. These qualities are excellently combined with his experience in the US federal government, commercial aerospace, and defense sectors to provide top notch services to businesses through Donya Consulting Group.

Our CEO displays strong planning, effective strategies, and development knowledge for businesses. With his time working in the military and private business, delivering excellence to customers is an absolute priority.