Latest Technologies On Sensor Fission And Artificial Intelligence


December 29, 2019

The United States is the forerunner of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many softwares use it. The computer program that analyses human behavior by using various insights and data patterns. Major features of the software include virtual assistant, voice recognition, speech and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence collaborates with machines to work. The softwares for AI develops and builds intelligent application using deep learning capabilities and machine learning. AI softwares are of 4 types and they are:

1) Deep learning software

This works with image and speech recording

2) Machine learning software

Machine learning makes the computer to process data.

3) Chatbots

The software detects a conversation between people.

4) Platforms

This lets softwares develop applications from the scratch. A lot of algorithms offer this. It has a drop and drag facility.

Trending Softwares On Artificial Intelligence

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

This technology lets you train your model. REST API, gcloud, Platform Console and Google Cloud give the components. The software has the following features.

You can predict, watch and manage versions and models. You can get deployed with the trained model. It can deploy models, manage them with another interface for jobs. You can use online predictions with REST API. You can tune, analyse and train your model. It is difficult to learn. The software requires documentation improvement. It is nice to use and it has better support. It costs about $0.49 per hour to train for each unit in the US and $0.54/hour for training at the Asia-Pacific.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

The tool enables you deploy a model as a service. This service will let you use data source and is platform independent. The platform is scalable with a drop and drag feature. It does not need programming skills and you can integrate it using open source technologies. However the pricing details are not very transparent. It makes use of a free account that has about 25 services. You can upgrade with extra charges.


This software is for telecom, marketing, healthcare, insurance and banking. You can use it for programming. It uses a memory structure with distributions and is linearly scalable. There are supports with algorithms like deep learning, learning models and boosted machines. It consists of an Auto ML functionality. You can use it for better support and it requires documentation.


It is a system with an open source and has a computational tool. The library can serve for production and research. You can use it on edge devices, mobiles, clusters, desktops, TPUs, GPUs and CPUs. It functions well and has features with better support for the community. It is a difficult to learn. However it comes with a free plan.

Content DNA Platform

It is a machine learning platform that you can use. It does not need training datasets. You can use public content or your content. It supports VoD, user-generated and professional content. It takes an average of 2 weeks to move the platform to a new case. It functions with  content like TV shows, series, movies and sport events. It has artificial text, glitches and external ads. You can use content analysis with a conventional approach. It has a hyper-personalised content, compilation and sport detection and placement. You can use it for deep learning and video processing. The machine learning is not supervised.


Cortana will set reminders and answer questions. It has supported operating systems like Xbox OS, Android, iOS and Windows. You can use the Bing Search engine to do different tasks. It can receive voice inputs and it comes with supported languages in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and English. The voice recognition saves time and has many skills. There are features like OpenTable and FitBit scenarios in the US. It is a free plan.

Salesforce Einstein

It is a system for commerce, analytics, community, marketing and sales. The software helps in using, classifying and capturing data. It can save the effort of data entry using new contacts. You can use for more awareness with opportunities. It has engagement scoring with important features and image recognition. This image recognition is for identifying specific products. The software comes with an engagement scoring. There are features for platforms and analytics. It does not need data preparation and management of models. It  is costly and when leaving it is difficult. It has a Salesforce that has a free trial of 30 days.


The software enables enterprises to do tasks by breaking them into smaller ones. This software has 3 components like automation platform, knowledge platform and data platform. The interface is conversational. It offers an automation for programmatic and repetitive tasks. The software enables processes and system to promote the business. Its knowledge platform reuses, processes and captures knowledge. Its data platform offers a platform for machine learning and data analytics. You can capture knowledge from various systems and processes. It has a Chatbot, business applications and Advanced machine learning. Learning it is difficult. They have a pricing system.

Amazon Alexa

This works like a virtual assistant. You can understand Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, French and English. It has a cloud-based service and you can integrate it to products like Alexa Voice Service. You can connect it to entertainment systems, lights and camera. It can function on millions of dances and has support for Alexa gadgets. The software is free with Amazon services.

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