What you Need to Know about Mobile Biometric Identification


June 4, 2020

The growing threat of security has become a global issue not only for the government, this extends to individuals as well. To answer this problem, the biometric system was invented. This technology which is more secure than passwords and two-factor authentications became famous and is now widely used to gather more secure data points of one person. Currently, biometric systems are commercialized and are expanded by developing several measures such as fingerprint access control and facial recognition in mobile phones as part of its identification process. Biometric security measures are enforced to ensure that mobile phones are secured and can only be accessed by only their rightful owners.

Mobile devices are perhaps the most important part of one person’s life which is used to communicate and access the internet. Today, mobile phones can be considered as one of the most valuable types of identification a person can have. That’s why it is important to secure the information stored in one’s device. Hacking of these devices can typically lead to identity theft and fraudulent actions. Thanks to modern technology, biometric security measures have been imposed to prevent these kinds of illegal activities. More importantly, biometric security measures such as fingerprint access control are performed precisely to guarantee safety measures for mobile phone users.

Fingerprint access control may be one of the most used measures in obtaining biometric data all over the world. In this case, the demand for biometric fingerprint scanners is currently rising. Several kinds of biometric fingerprint scanners are available in the market – catering to the different requirements of the clients. Scanner sensors have become sophisticated and provide analysis to the fingerprints once put in the device. Due to advanced technology, fingerprint scanners are not only found in mobile phones and border controls. Several companies have developed a fingerprint scanner for computers, door locks, biometric car locks – an added layer of security for high-end cars, as well as biometric fingerprint attendance systems. However, to provide more sophisticated systems to the clients, most companies have been doing a lot of improvement to biometric security measures. Aside from fingerprint scanners, face and voice recognition have now been developed as the new type of biometric system. The development of these sophisticated types of systems may rival the fingerprint scanners and in the future may turn them into obsolete forms of biometric systems. Especially now that more sophisticated sensors are developed that most mobile devices fail to recognize the fingerprint scans in one try. Due to this, some people now prefer facial recognition rather than fingerprint scanners.

However, with the development of biometric systems comes the threat of biometric security. Privacy is one of the most pressing issues when it comes to biometric security. Since biometric data are genuine, every information surrendered to the biometric system is unique and prone to theft. Since data is regarded to be valuable, imposing a tight biometric security must be the top priority of biometric systems. The growth of industries using biometric systems a part of their services makes one’s information vulnerable. This is why a lot of people think that biometric systems are a breach of one’s privacy. Moreover, once the biometric system is compromised, the assurance of the data’s safety is not guaranteed. Even though fingerprint scanners are proven to be a secured form of biometric system, a mobile device thief could simply print a 3D model of a finger to imitate the registered fingerprint of the original device. This may be a huge breach of privacy for the device owner and his information may be compromised. While a password and a two-factor authentication seem to be replaceable, biometric information – once compromised- is irreplaceable and once the information is out in public, it may be difficult for the biometric system to retrieve the information and make it private again.

Experts agree that fingerprint scanners are not perfect and could still be prone to errors. However, this biometric system has proven to be effective especially for consumers. With the help of biometric fingerprint scanners, mobile device owners can easily log-in to their devices without remembering their passwords for each site and application. This makes the user experience more efficient and exciting. The biometric data collected from fingerprint scanners provide more genuine encryption and provide more entertaining familiarity with technology. Moreover, due to the advancement of technology, a lot of companies agree that the fingerprint scanner and other types of biometric systems provide more credibility in distinguishing humans and robots. Biometric identification provides an added layer of security measure to detect a threat of hacking of biometric information. However, regardless of how to advance a biometric system, there is always an accompanying risk in surrendering your information to a biometric database. To ensure this kind of optimal experience, biometric system providers must enhance their security and gain the trust of their consumers. Entrusting the biometric system your own personal biometric identification should be done in the highest and most humane regards as it  is your own personal unique information which is deemed to be irreplaceable.

Biometric identification through fingerprint scanning and other evolving methods may be the trend for the future. As the movement of the people becomes more globalized, it is important to keep the information secure and on-hand. Now, we can see that mobile phones have carried a standard biometric identification system and consumers seem to be ok with it – and in the future, who knows? Technology will continue to evolve and biometric systems will be the new norm for security and convenience.

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