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Have you considered storing your information on a cloud hosting platform? With cloud hosting you and your employees can easily access, share, and store new data on this cloud hosting platform. Backups are made easy so you won’t have to worry about losing data which can be a major headache for companies. For businesses who choose to store their information via servers or cloud hosting, we count on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make sure your data is secure at any location you decide to store it.

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform that incorporates (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service, (Paas) Platform as a Service, and (Saas) Software as a Service. It features impressive computing power, database storage, and content delivery services. Each AWS service can be configured in different ways based on what your business needs and there are more than 100 services to choose from including those for application development, security, infrastructure management, and databases. With the most services and features within each service, AWS is a leader for functionality and boasts one of the largest and active communities of partners and customers globally. The AWS Partners Network has many integrators specializing in AWS services and even more independent software vendors who adapt their technologies to work on the platform. With this amount of options and support, whether you are operating an enterprise, public sector organization, or a start-up company, you will be able to find the right tools for success.

Products include:

Cloud Hosting

AWS Cloud Hosting can benefit your business infrastructure because it is architected to be the most secure and flexible cloud computing environment available on the market. The security is designed to be utilized in high-sensitivity organizations such as global banks, the military, political campaigns, and medical institutions. The cloud security tools have many governance services and features, security standards, compliance certifications, and the ability to encrypt your data.

Have the latest technologies to accelerate your business as soon as they become available. AWS is continuously innovating and evolving, the platform has the most extensive cloud infrastructure globally and has been recognized as the recommended way to run enterprise applications that need high availability.

Top AWS Cloud Hosting features include:

Managed environments
High storage availability
Secure Networking
Ability to easily scale your idea
Powerful API


Amazon Web Services offers servers suited for enterprises, small businesses, and everything in between. Huge global companies that use application-heavy websites like popular media and marketing websites trust AWS servers to be highly available and able to support large amounts of website traffic. On the other hand, low cost, highly reliable simple static websites deliver images, video, JavaScript, HTML, and other files to viewers without a server-side application code, unlike the Enterprise servers. Static websites are used most commonly by personal or marketing businesses because they don’t require server administration and are able to scale to handle enterprise-level traffic without any extra effort on your behalf.

AWS also offers simple web hosting for websites that consist of one web server that runs either a content management system like WordPress, an eCommerce application, or development stack. With this software, you can build, upgrade, manage, and deliver the content of your website with relative ease. Generally, simple websites are best suited for minimally to moderately trafficked websites with regular content changes and multiple authors. These web servers require IT administration and are not highly scalable beyond a couple of servers.

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