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Through our partnership with Cisco, we ensure our clients have all of the hardware they need to have a secure connection and a safe place to store their data. Cisco is a world leader in IT, Networking, and Cyber Security Solutions that accommodate businesses of all sizes. Their focus on security at all levels and commitment to customer success guarantees that you will have the support you need for your business to function securely and efficiently.

With Cisco, we can ensure that your company’s technology is connected at all times to make access to information easy and effortless. Founded in 1984, Cisco’s services, steady growth, and reputation helps us deliver the best products and support in the field to our customers.

Products include:


Switches are essential in the process of setting up your office network, Cisco’s switches are adaptable, secure, and consistently evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of business owners.

By connecting all of your business’s devices like servers, printers, and computers; switches allow for the sharing of
resources across your wireless network regardless of whether your company is based in an office space or decentralized.

Cisco offers a diversity of secure switches that are informed by user intent and context. We will help you through the process of navigating your options and installation, as well as ensure optimal functionality with our specialized client support.


Routers allow you to connect all your workspaces seamlessly and connect your business to the global marketplace while protecting your information from cybersecurity threats. You will need one, if not multiple, routers to connect switches. Just as the switches connect devices to create a network, routers connect multiple switches and their networks to make a larger network. As well as connecting networks, routers allow users to access the internet and essentially choose which devices have priority and the most efficient routes for data.

Cisco has specialized routers to fit a multitude of business models. We will help you choose based on your priorities whether they are secure connectivity and cloud-managed security, programmability, or enterprise-class features for an industrial environment.

Network Storage Systems

Network storage is an external data repository that is reliable and secure. External hard drives and USB sticks are susceptible to damage and loss whereas network storage systems are reliable and secure. Only the users on the network can access and share data. Network storage systems clear up local storage space on devices and feature backup programs to make sure your business never experiences a loss of critical data or information theft.

A storage system in a central location that backs up critical files and other data is essential for network safety and accessibility. Without a centralized network storage system, you will likely spend too much time on sharing locally stored data between different users’ devices. Cisco offers industry-leading systems that are scalable and programmable, they feature hardware-based analytics that can allow for faster troubleshooting and resolution.

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a type of Local Area Network (LAN) that can handle large data transfers and store huge amounts of digital information. A SAN is generally used on business networks with high-end servers, high-capacity disk arrays, and fibre channel interconnection technology.

There is also Network Attached Storage (NAS) which is a file storage system that makes stored data more accessible to networked devices. NAS offers flexibility, as your business expands and you add more users, you can easily scale up the NAS system quickly. It features dedicated file serving and sharing via the LAN, therefore boosting reliability. NAS systems create a single, central, shared storage system that is confusion-free and requires minimal maintenance.


The function of a computer server is to store, retrieve, and send computer files and data to other computers on a network. Servers have more processing power, storage, and memory than the independent client computers on the network.

Cisco servers feature a Unified Computing System (UCS) that allows for scalability, simplification, and speed. The x86-architecture servers are combined with networking and storage access in a single unified system that facilitates increased productivity, reduced total ownership costs, and extensibility for your data center.

We can help you find the technologies that will help your business run efficiently and risk-free.

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