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Microsoft has been a part of the development of almost all modern businesses at some point in time. Microsoft provides leading-edge software and hardware and is a company that is consistently improving its technology. With a wide range of services, customer support, and easy integration into your business to help everything run smoother for you. We value this partnership to provide the best in computers and accompanying software for your business needs.

Products include:

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is comprised of different services that cover the full development cycle and allow you to collaborate, plan, and ship with ease. For developing and deploying software, the Microsoft Software as a service (SaaS) platform offers a reliable end-to-end DevOps toolchain that integrates market-leading tools. The platform currently features Azure Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans, Artifacts, and Extensions Marketplace.

Azure Boards are agile tools for tracking, planning, and discussing work across your teams. Azure Pipelines build, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. You can connect to GitHub or any Git provider and deploy continuously. Azure Repos gives you an unlimited, cloud-hosted, private Git repository that features collaboration to build better code with pull requests and advanced file management.

Azure Test Plans are for testing and shipping, they use exploratory and manual testing tools for optimal confidence and efficiency.
Azure Artifacts allow you to create, host, and share packages with your team. You will also be able to efficiently add artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with ease.

The Extensions Marketplace gives you Access extensions from Slack to SonarCloud to over 1,000 other community-built options. Azure DevOps offers everything you need or just what you choose to complement your existing workflow.

Power Business Intelligence (BI)

Power BI is adaptable and effective for analyzing data, building solutions, automating processes, and creating virtual agents. Visualize and connect any data on a unified, scalable platform suitable for self-service and enterprise business intelligence. Microsoft Power BI is known for its usability and end-to-end data security. It features protection that keeps working even when exported to other formats or when shared outside your organization. Create reports, collaborate on dashboards, and share insight from wherever you are with the free Power BI mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Inform your business decisions with data-driven insights and turn ideas and challenges into solutions by enabling the construction of custom apps. Enhance productivity with automated organizational processes and easily build engaging chatbots without needing to code.

Power BI used in combination with Azure and Office will help you capitalize on the value of your data and technology. Power BI interoperates with other trusted Microsoft technologies so you can productively use your data. You will even be able to connect directly to hundreds of on-premises and cloud data sources such as Excel, Salesforce, Azure SQL Database, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint.

MS Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows has existed since 1985 and is one of five of the most common operating systems globally for home and office use. Operating systems are the core software on computers that exist between the application software and the hardware. They distribute memory and computing resources to apps, manage files, and enforce security rules. The Microsoft OS is compatible to almost any computing device and so well trusted that up to 90% of PCs run some form of Windows.

MS Servers

Microsoft Windows Server OS (operating system) is a group of operating systems that support data storage, applications, and enterprise-level management. It is designed to provide extensive administrative control of storage, communications, applications, corporate networks, and share services with multiple users.

Windows Server 2019 is the most recent version of the server operating system by Microsoft. It is a part of the Windows NT (New Technology) family of operating systems. On-premise software is installed locally on a company’s computers and systems. The Windows Server 2019 is an advanced operating system that bridges on-premises environments with Azure while adding layers of security and helping you modernize your applications and infrastructure. Azure extends your hybrid capabilities so you can maximize investments. Advanced multilayer security is implemented to protect your data center, starting with your operating system. You will be able to evolve your infrastructure and innovate efficiently, create cloud-native apps, and upgrade traditional apps using containers and microservices.

Windows offers many services to help you understand the capacity of your servers, along with continual support.

MS Office 365

The Office 365 subscription comes with apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. These apps can be installed on multiple devices, from your computers to your smartphones. It is an integrated experience of apps and services all designed to help you reach your business goals.

Office 365 apps are updated monthly with the latest security updates and features. These intelligent cloud services are ideal for businesses that need cloud storage, Microsoft Teams, advanced cyber threat protection, and device management.

MS Sharepoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management and collaboration tool, it essentially is an intranet and content management system used internally to bring organizations together. Share and manage content, information, and applications for optimal teamwork and informed collaboration. SharePoint features productive and effective team sites for each project team, department, and division. You can share news, files, resources, and data. It is customizable so you can streamline processes from simple tasks like approvals and notifications to complex operational workflows.

SharePoint enables you to collaborate effortlessly and securely with members inside and outside of your organization. With your intranet, build cohesion, keep every employee informed, and harness collective knowledge. SharePoint offers powerful search capabilities and intelligent ways to discover information, expertise, and insights to guide actions and inform decisions. With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps, you can create enriched digital experiences featuring forms, workflows, and custom apps for all devices. Essential for productivity is the FastTrack Productivity Library, Sharepoint User Voice, SharePoint Developer Resources, and SharePoint Training

SharePoint Server 2019 is an on-premises solution that offers transparency and accessibility. It is leading the market for intranets, team sites, and content management. There is also SharePoint Online, which is a hosted solution that you can get with a Microsoft 365 subscription or on its own.

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is any physical device used in or with your machine, whereas software is code programming installed on your computer’s hard drive. Microsoft hardware has been some of the most consistently used and trusted since computers came into mainstream use. They have developed computer hardware, gaming hardware, and mobile hardware as well as the drivers and other software for integrating the hardware.

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