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Our favorite procurement management platform, and Cloud-based purchasing system for creating purchase orders, routing approvals & controlling business spend management. With Tradogram, you can see all spendings of your business in one system to help cut costs, collaborate between company departments for purchasing purposes, and manage everything from your suppliers, contracts, orders, and more. Tradogram is a true one-stop shop for all purchasing needs for your business, no matter what the size.

Tradogram was launched in 2014 and is a secure, cloud-based business spending management system. Their lightweight SaaS enables buyers and businesses to manage suppliers, save money, and control costs. The platform has users in over 70 countries worldwide and has established itself as one of the most cost-effective, user friendly, and configurable procurement software solutions on the market. We believe that Tradogram is leading the evolution of spend management with consistent updates and an active support team to keep pace with the needs of the industry as they arise.

Procure software is most impactful in the areas of documentation and communication. This leads to a more efficient and productive workflow and prevents discrepancies in the procurement process. Collaboration is always necessary between the technical experts, managers, and employees of a business. External communication with suppliers and clients is of equal importance and the Tradogram software can drastically lessen the amount of potentially devastating errors. Documentation of the full process is necessary for enhancing visibility while avoiding incorrect orders, legal problems, and overspending. Real-time monitoring, automatic updates, and custom report building reduce the likelihood of encountering these problems.

Often companies that do not use procurement software take up to 48 hours to place an order, whereas when using the software it takes only around 5 hours. You will find the real value of the Tradogram software in your business spend management and process efficiency. It is also one of the only procurement platforms that allow you to create a free account with no time limit, therefore, reducing risk for medium-sized businesses and providing small businesses with access to free software.

With Tradeogram’s purchasing operations you will be able to bring your team systems and tools that create a seamless purchase to pay operation and workflow at every level of the process. Each tool is integrated and optional. Some of the most appealing tools are an automated 3-way match invoice processing system, instant messaging, delivery tracking, and invoicing.

The purchasing administration is entirely configurable and delivers systems and tools for improving purchasing administration and management. Some of the most important features are user permissions, supplier lists, multi-level management, approvals, budgets, inventory, report building, and items catalogs.

Products include:

Purchase System

Procurement management software generally falls into two categories; managerial tools and operational tools. The managerial tools allow for the best approach to procurement planning that involves many moving parts and possible activities. It allows you to set hierarchies for efficient task workflow. The user permission control keys ensure the accurate delegation of responsibilities. These features combined with order approval procedures greatly reduce the chances of any aberrant spending. An established purchasing process is essential for an organization to achieve great collaboration and minimize miscommunications. By automating tedious processes that inundate managers with tasks, your business will be able to focus on the ideas and projects that matter the most.

The Tradogram operational tools include a multitude of solutions for any business model. Requisitions for procurement officers to receive, understand, and fill internal orders from everyone involved in your company. These allow for the rapid determination of what needs to be purchased all the while keeping all relevant parties informed throughout every phase of the transactions. Requests enable managers, buyers, and other stakeholders to collaborate to define what is needed, from who, when, and where. The request forms can be used as an RFP or RFQ to deliver this information to suppliers, receive their quotes, and negotiate for the best terms.

The benefit of the cloud-based platform is that it allows team members in different locations to evaluate and review offers in real-time. Purchase orders can be entirely customized with a serial numbering system, standardized terms and conditions footer, logos, and specific fields. Send these POs to suppliers and track them throughout the entire transaction. Having a record of the purchase orders can be an informative source for reports and business intelligence. With contracts, control costs by reinforcing and fine-tuning supplier agreements.

Tradogram allows you to auto-generate contracts based on awarded bids therefore eliminating manual data entry. You can easily set and manage the expiration dates and then remind users to renew or automatically renew while also having the contract information automatically updated after every transaction. You will be able to trust that your deliveries will be on time and in the right location. The invoices tool is created for effortless synchronicity between purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices. You can confirm what has been approved, paid, and pending with ease for greater cost visibility and control overspending.

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