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An industry-standards-based cybersecurity service provider that protects small to medium businesses’ cyber presence. Cytellix works to provide an affordable, low impact solution to defeat cyber attacks on your business.

Did you know small to medium-sized businesses are the biggest targets for cyber attacks? By enacting this product, businesses become proactive in their approach against cybersecurity threats. We partner with Cytellix to ensure that your information is protected against a breach that would compromise your operations.

The Cytellix team is the cybersecurity division of IMRI and provides 12 years of experience in the realms of Network Intrusion Detection Prevention, Information Security, and Cybersecurity Monitoring Services. They deliver critical solutions to enterprises, government agencies, and commercial businesses as well as specializing in helping IT departments that have minimal expertise or limited resources.

Products include:

Cyber Monitoring Tool

Cytellix offers real time monitoring solutions and cyber risk management services that can detect and prevent vulnerabilities from harming your data. The Cytellix Security Operations Center is fully managed 24/7 by personnel who have been thoroughly vetted through the FBI database, fingerprinted, and trained before attaining a secret level security clearance. The Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (CCWP) provides visibility and reports continual real-time cyber monitoring, real-time cyber posture visualizations, cyber posture assessments, Security Information & Event Monitoring (SIEM), cyber service orchestration, and vulnerability reporting and management. With their Traffic Flow Analysis, you can confidently have end-to-end configuration and security management. Their solutions are designed to be proactive in detecting and identifying threats in critical response-time circumstances making Cytellix’ proprietary technology the best-in-class cybersecurity vendor solution.

Cytellix utilizes machine learning for actionable insights, big data analytics of security events, artificial intelligence for automation of remediation best practices and security event identification, and seamless integration of 3rd party data and network operations. Advanced automation technologies automate alert management and provide threat intelligence with close to real-time reporting. You can trust that Cytellix is up to date and knowledgeable in the latest industry standards and recent threats as active participants in technology and cybersecurity communities.

Some of the most important features include the Host, Network, and NetFlow based monitoring and Log Analysis SIEM / Event correlation. This means that the root cause of any cybersecurity event will be identified and a detailed description given on every stage of the event as well as how it happened and its possible impact while providing recommendations for future risk mitigation.

The Cytellix platform is streamlined in their methods of threat detection so that their filters detect legitimate threats without the need to rely on a large staff of analysts. Alerts are managed by AI and Machine Learning data models so you can have predictive threat and remediation solutions as they are needed.

The Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (CCWP) is now accessible fully or partially managed or as an enterprise licensed service. The solution runs on-cloud, on-premise, or in the data center. The Management Detection and Response, Security Operations Center, Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) systems work together to improve your overall security while reducing overhead costs.

The data protection technology encrypts all Cytellix’ customer interactions, limits access to data to only authorized personnel, and has dedicated hardware for encrypted data at rest in a guarded facility. Before anyone from Cytellix can view any information in the client portal they must be invited by the client. They only connect to the client infrastructure through a secure site-to-site virtual private network (VPN).

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