10 Top Reasons to Choose Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Business


April 21, 2020

Do you want your company data and information to be stored in a secure and confidential manner? 

A cloud storage solution may be the right one for your business.

In cloud storage, all the company data, files, folders and related information is stored online. Earlier, businesses would store their confidential data, files and documents on a desktop, USB or hard drives – all physical storage options. With cloud storage, everything gets stored on the internet and then it is downloaded to a physical computer or server for use as needed.

When you download a client folder, you’re using cloud storage. Checking account details for a long-time customer? You’re using cloud storage once more.  Majority of the time you are relying on cloud storage to solve challenges faced by your customers or to do your daily business activities.

To put it simply, cloud storage is fast becoming the norm. Already more than 90% of US businesses are using cloud services in one way or another.

Why are so many businesses choosing cloud storage? Easy accessibility, affordability, and real time collaboration options are the primary reasons why companies are migrating to the best cloud storage services.

In this blog, we will share the 10 top reasons why cloud storage services can be right for your business:

Easy Accessibility

Did you know that adding data files into cloud storage can be as simple as a drag and drop? Saving data files and folders in the cloud is super easy, and you can train your employees for it. You don’t need to hire any specialized technical staff for this purpose. Using cloud storage also lets your employees access confidential information safely on their official laptops from anywhere in the world.

Data Safety 

In business, data safety is key. When you choose cloud storage, server data is distributed across multiple redundant servers and stays protected from hardware failures. Your business also gets daily, weekly, monthly data backups and strong internal mechanisms that keep your data safe.

Ease & Convenience

Quit handling storage disks or hard drives when you choose cloud storage services. In cloud storage, any kind of physical handling or manual intervention is not required. All data stored in the cloud is backed up always and can be easily accessed from anywhere. You don’t need any manual intervention to save, label, or categorize the information as it enters cloud storage. So, quit worrying about data loss when you choose the cloud!

Easy to Use 

Data sharing is easy when your business data is stored in the cloud. It can also be shared with your colleagues and clients as and when required. A particular cloud environment can be shared with another user – a client, colleague or remote employee if needed for any project.

Data Automation

Most of the business owners find creating and scheduling data backups cumbersome. With the advent of cloud storage solutions, the complete data backups process can be easily automated. Once you identify the data backup, it happens automatically in the cloud. 

Great for Collaboration

If you are thinking of collaboration, cloud storage solutions are what your business needs. If you have a project that requires multiple departments to collaborate with each other, cloud storage makes it easier. Even if your employees are spread across continents, countries, or states, they can easily access, collaborate, and edit on a single document or file all in real-time.

Savings in Cost 

Did you know that by choosing cloud storage, your business also reduces its annual operating costs? Since there is no requirement of physical servers and related hardware, cloud storage is quite affordable.  Additional cost savings occur as dedicated resources and internal power is not needed to store business data.

Flexible and Scalable

As a small or medium business owner, wouldn’t you prefer a pay-as-you-use model? 

With cloud storage services, you can do exactly that. You can scale up or down as per your business requirement and pay for what you use. A cloud hosting environment is flexible and lets you define the attributes of scaling the cloud as required. 

Disaster Recovery Plan

In business, it’s always important to have a plan B. In case of any business emergency; a backup plan always helps as any data loss can be hugely detrimental for a business. Having your company data stored in the cloud is the perfect backup plan. All data is stored securely in cloud servers waiting to be accessed at a suitable time.

Simple Synchronization

When you choose local file storage, you can access your data from that location only. But when you have cloud storage, you can use any device to access your business data. Every time you open a document or file stored in the cloud, the latest version of the file opens up as well. 

Wondering how to get cloud storage solutions for your business?

Effortless collaboration, affordability and high data security makes cloud storage an excellent option for all types of businesses. Get a host of benefits when you choose the cloud, such as less active management, faster deployment, and more time to focus on your core business!

When you decide to move to cloud based storage services, make sure to provide adequate training to your employees to help them use the new technology effectively.

Simple cloud hygiene procedures such as regularly updating passwords and switching their systems off when work is complete can help. It’s vital to select cloud storage providers with robust safety mechanisms and strong cloud safeguards in place.

We are here to support you to build reliable, scalable and secure solutions for your business data and information. We can help you devise a strong cloud computing strategy by partnering with AWS from Amazon, our best cloud storage solutions partner who has been protecting US businesses for more than 14 years. We can also conduct the training for your employees on how to use the cloud features so it may seamlessly be incorporated into your business.

Protect your company data and information at all times to support archival and application compliance needs with Amazon Cloud Storage. We can assist you to design your cloud IT environment using cloud data migration, file, object and block storage services.

Book a free consultation call with us to see how we can support your cloud storage needs. Just drop us an email at info@donyaconsultinggroup.com

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