15% Discount on Dell or Microsoft Computers when you order with us!


May 6, 2020

15% Discount on Dell or Microsoft Computers when you order with us!

At Donya Consulting group we are offering a 15% discount on Dell or Microsoft computers when you order 10 or more with us! This is an excellent opportunity if you have been wanting to order new systems as a brand new business or if you are ready to upgrade your systems to the latest models available.

We understand each business is different and you may come with your own preferences which is why we believe these two brands can be seamlessly incorporated into a business to compliment the inner workings of your operation. This discount applies to laptops or desktops and we are happy to ensure you have the right programs in place to secure your data as your team operates on your new equipment. 

We know there can be a learning curve bringing new equipment and software and equipment into a business so we are also on stand by to train you and your staff how to best utilize their computers for business purposes. 

Here are some features we love about each of these brands!


Dell prides itself on providing very reliable devices for businesses and personal use. Dell understands that a business needs their computers to be efficient and precise. Aside from our personalized support that you will receive for your computer systems, Dell also provides excellent support for their clients. With a wide variety of laptops and desktops, it will be very easy to find something to best suit your business. Dell has a wide range of security measures in place so you will not need to spend time worrying about your data security. 

We partner with Dell because we know we can rely on them to provide great service and some of the best technology available in the field. 


Microsoft offers gorgeous displays and speedy performance for businesses who want technology for their employees that will make their jobs easier to do. From Microsoft you can buy a more traditional looking laptop or the newer versions which offer a detachable keyboard and touch screen feature. You can expect the Microsoft laptops to work seamlessly with the accompanying software made by this corporation. You may also store your data on their servers which is another key feature we can assist with!

How do you get this 15% discount?

If you would like this great deal for your business, simply contact us here and tell us about what you are needing for your business. We will be happy to apply this discount to your order of over ten computers or laptops and make sure your business is set up for success!

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