Why Cyber Security Is No Longer Problem Only For Your IT Department


May 13, 2020

Why Cyber Security Is No Longer Problem Only For Your IT Department

Cyber security previously was only an issue for the IT departments of a business. During those times, the IT department would handle the security of networks, incoming threats, and blind spots in businesses. Nowadays there are many more factors at play in the cyber security world. With an increased amount of devices that are used on networks which range from computers, phones, tablets, and other devices, it is difficult to ensure the security of one’s business and peg it simply as a problem for the IT department to manage. With the constant change of technology, it is now up to business owners to seek out additional cyber security information and cyber security services in order to ensure that data is secured.

One important shift is for small and medium sized businesses to understand is that they too can experience an attack. In today’s world, it is not “if” a business will experience an attack, but “when.” Even if you own a business that you do not consider to hold much interest to hackers or valuable information, you could be severely wrong and may make the mistake of protecting your business only after an attack has ensued. 

Our piece of advice, recognize cyber security as the business risk that it truly is, and take all necessary measures to protect your business. You will want to make sure you are up to date on all current protocol for securing your information. As technology advances in protective measures, the technology of hackers also advances as well. This is why it is crucial that you stay current or hire a cyber security expert in the field to make sure the right tools are in place. 

You may be wondering exactly what type of destruction a hacker can cause to a business. Data theft being one, will put you and your customers or clients at risk. Your customers or clients are trusting you to keep their information safe and it will be difficult to smooth things over with them after there has been a breach. Extortion, vandalism, espionage, market manipulation, disinformation, and disruption of infrastructure are some other areas hackers can greatly impact your business for the worst if they are able to take hold.

These types of threats can sound very overwhelming and complicated to combat. However, we can assure you that the measures you can consistently put in place to protect your business are simple and can be done while following just a few steps!

The main way to ensure your business stays safe is to completely understand that keeping your information secure is the duty of the entire business, not just one department. This means that you will need to enact an approach that works on all levels of your organization. The IT department will play a big role, but it is not the only role. You also need to train and educate your employees on security policies of the business so that they can each diligently do their part. In order to enact security policies, your business needs to have very clear policies and standards surrounding this subject so everyone knows what they need to be doing. Understanding your business and what areas are vulnerable and what information you all may collect that would be an interest to hackers is important to assess as well when setting up protective measures. With this information and a clear understanding of how your business is set up, it is possible to enact the correct softwares and features to best suit your network.

Here are some key things you should be aware of as a business:

  1. Hackers have access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is rapidly progressing and can be crippling to a business if attacked. We can best describe it as, AI systems are being used to outsmart other AI systems. A business can use AI in order to spot an attack by analyzing patterns and behaviors, and the AI of a hacker can be used to create a new pattern that will not be detected by the business’s AI system.
  2. A security breach can cost millions of dollars for a business! MILLIONS!
  3. The job market is on the rise for cyber security specialists to be trained within businesses or companies hired out by business to manage this aspect due to the increase in attacks today. As the trend of attacks continue to increase, the need for cyber security experts will too.
  4. Hackers are able to access private networks through connected smart devices or appliances. This could affect your business as well and is something to consider.

At Donya Consulting Group, we first complete a cyber security audit to see what systems you have in place and how effectively they are working. We look at each business individually and really dive into what special needs you have as a business and how we can best help you stay fully protected for WHEN that threat comes knocking at your virtual door. We help in all areas ranging from your business risk management, installation of softwares, system engineering, training, and much more!

Cyber security does not have to fall all on the business owner alone as an individual. This great responsibility can be shared between all areas of the business to ensure effectiveness as a team. Creating a sense of responsibility and diligence among your team members in this area will further enhance and strengthen efforts as a whole.

If you are serious about your level of protection and want an experienced team on your side to guide you each step of the way, we are ready to speak to you and hear your needs. 

Simply contact us to set up a free consultation and we can discuss how you can stay safe in today’s business world!

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